Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Daily Show

The Daily Show has been very on point this past week. I don't have cable, but I do watch the show through Comedy Central's website. This clip in particular struck me as great.

And this was pretty interesting, but it made me feel a little weird. It's probably the best PR move I've seen the army do in... ever. Pretty shrewd if you ask me. I doubt they'll get any recruits out of this, though, I'm pretty sure I like the brass in charge more than I ever have before.


Jenny said...

Those clips are awesome. Thanks for the links.

and make your girlfriend write something.

Toothpaste Jones said...

she's been writing things for the Hatchet. she promises to post those things soon, actual blogging has escaped her as of late. which saddens me. maybe once school cools down a bit, and she stops being sick, we'll get some Amanda blog action.