Monday, September 17, 2007

Hurricane Katrina and The Red Meat Grillin' Grills of Conservative Bloggers

Over at The Midpoint, Marco has been discussing his obsession with The John Locke Foundation's blog (which I won't link to, out of principle). It's hard to wrap your head around the arguments conservatives make when they take the time to write out their screeds (as opposed to the blurtings on television). Now, this might sound like I'm a biased asshole, and I am biased. But the asshole tag definitely belongs to this guy. To encapsulate, Raleigh area blogger, Confederate Yankee (somehow linked to JLF), says we shouldn't work to rebuild New Orleans because it's a waste of money. Why? Because it says so in the Good Book. And you know, science hasn't advanced much since.

To make light of such a disaster, and write off an entire city, is true douchebaggery.

So, it's only fitting that God would tease him a little bit, and throw his grill around the other day when those tornadoes passed by. Only he has the temerity to ask for donations from his readers in order to pay for that poor grill that God took from him.

But it would just go against conservative orthodoxy to give money to people living in a town destroyed by nature (or God, as the case may be), to rebuild their town. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps, and when you get ahold of said bootstraps, why don't you move your historic town, a few miles away from the water.

In related news, K-Ville is coming on tonight. I'm very interested in seeing it.


Lord Stoke said...

Thank you for pulling for my city. I can't stand reading heartless write-offs of the anti-rebuilders. It seems like these folks want a more commodified America that looks like the shitty little failed mill towns where they are from. NO fun for anyone! We don't need these pricks anyway. Everyone else can just come down and help and have fun without them. We'll be fine.

Cangrejero said...

Good old Confederate Wankee, our neighbor in the city of Oaks. Sometimes I feel bad for making fun of him... it's like beating up a paralyzed man. Then I remember that he deserves it for being such an asshole on a regular basis.

Toothpaste Jones said...

Lord Stoke, thanks for reading, my good friend, Marvin is a "Katrina Refugee" who ended up here in Raleigh. So besides the whole human tragedy element, this is an important topic for me.

And cangrejero, this guy is a serious douche, I've never spent any time treading into conservative blogs until you started blogging about them. They remind me of arguing with my father too much.