Monday, March 3, 2008

Scientology Vs. The Beatles

Isaac Hayes- Something
(this is a twelve minute song, so it's a bigger sized file, just to warn you)

Isaac Hayes is many things, a composer, a Scientologist, a chef, a singer, the man wrote some of the best songs from the Stax label, and man, he could turn someone else's song on it's ear. Today's download is Hayes' take on George Harrison's "Something". A song that made it's rounds in the r&b world (another notable cover is by Ray Charles).
Here Hayes tacks on an extra nine minutes to the original three of The Beatles version. Female back up singers, electric violin, and big horn sections push the song into the outer reaches of soul music. Chants of "the girl has got something" are the only things to vaguely remind you of where the song started off. It all comes crashing down on itself at the end, the band reaches this euphoric state chasing after the screeching electric violin. It's as if even the band forgot where it was, until the guitarist fades out with that familiar reverbed part at the end of the original.
By the way, I'd appreciate any feedback on how this whole mp3 thing is working out. Are the downloads fast enough? Are they actually working, for that matter?


Cangrejero said...

The downloads are working just fine, and the songs sound great! I would make one little suggestion: When you put multiple files up like on the previous post, zip them all up into one file because rapidshare makes you wait for each new download.

Yeah, add Badfinger to the long list of bands that haven't been granted their rightful place in the canon for some reason.

Toothpaste Jones said...

I'll try that out with the next multiple posting, thanks.