Monday, April 2, 2007

Lament For A King(s)

what i'm listening to right now: Gemini Cusp by Polvo
Saturday night is the last night for Kings. The only rock club worth a damn in Raleigh. Some of the greatest shows I've ever seen have been there. Two of the best bands that have graced this town's scene have almost literally lived there over the past 8 years. The Cherry Valence and The Rosebuds owned that spot. I can't remember specifically if they played together on the same night or not, but that would have been a hell of a show. The Rosebuds played their last show there last month, and what's left of the Cherry Valence, a bastardized version of the band, Birds Of Avalon will close it out on it's last night this Saturday.

I've had bottles thrown at me by a Hasil Adkins cover band, seen a band from Tel Aviv set themselves on fire, and even fell in love (momentarily) with Three Dog Night.

It'll be a sad night, we've got The Jackpot, and that's it. Everything else has a shiny bar, well, Slim's doesn't, but that place is sketch as all hell sometimes. Though you can't resist the cheapness of the place. But neither of those places are going to fill the hole that Kings will leave. Sure, we'll drive to the 506 and the other venues in Chapel Hill, but that's in Chapel Hill, that's not Raleigh. Here's to Kings finding a new spot, even if it's no longer called Kings, just a place where some band isn't trying to either be Candlebox or Phish or both.

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