Monday, April 16, 2007

TV On The Radio- It's All Fart Jokes From Here On

I've tried, and I just can't write much about this show. It was just amazing. TV on The Radio were earth shattering. They were The Colossus of Rhodes, standing astride all of indie rock, looking down at all the little bands in their little boats. They played a frenzied set that didn't relent. What passes for a ballad for them was a tent revival where the Bad Brains were the house band. Where jazz was the teacher, and funk was the preacher. Where I run out of metaphors and just give up on trying to explain this show.
I can explain that I wasn't fond of the opening band, The Noisettes. I was hoping from the sound of their band name that they'd sound like the Sonic Youth album that Phil Spector never got to produce. If they did sound like that, I'd probably like them more than Sonic Youth. That wasn't the case. They sounded like a punky version of Thin Lizzy without the charm and hooks of Thin Lizzy. Nothing impressive.

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