Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Thoughts On The Fourth Of July

It's been a while since I've blogged, so hopefully, I can hit this with all the verbosity that I want to. I've been pretty busy for the past two weeks. Which goes a bit of the distance in explaining why I only had seven posts last month, and here it is, four days into a new month, and this is my first post. It's the Fourth of July, of course, the big American holiday. Yet, here I am, in my underwear at two in the afternoon, and what's so special about today? Have the Bushies and their twisting of patriotism soured mine? We're thinking of eagles soaring, and fireworks, and cookouts, which are all great. Yet, shouldn't we be spending today, reflecting on how kickass Thomas Jefferson was? We don't hear much talk about him this time of the year. He's been relegated him to the two dollar bill. Hamilton's on the ten? And he wasn't even a president, let alone from this country! But Jefferson, the main man in the story of the Fourth, is relegated to the side, always. Maybe because his ideas are too dangerous. When you talk about actual freedom, instead of the politics of freedom, it's too much. It's why they beep out "fuck", and yet show dry humping on television.

The Fourth isn't about a military victory, it's not about the end of the Revolution. It's about this paper that T.J. wrote. There was a whole movement behind this paper, but they knew of only one man who could write it. But he's on the two, his memorial, off the mall. It's a damn shame. So, let's hear it for Thomas Jefferson, as he's rolling in his grave.

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