Thursday, July 19, 2007

XKCD etc.

the comic that I really wanted to put on the blog didn't fit in the template of the page, so I encourage you to click here and see the one that I like better than this one

So, as a lot of things that I end up writing about on the blog, I stumbled upon this through Marco's blog. Which is actually at a new site and name, The Midpoint. His blog linked to these pictures of people playing chess on roller coasters. Damn! Which reminds me that I'm not going to be able to take this great trip to Busch Gardens and then a night on the town in Richmond because of the crap with my car, which is explained later in the post. So, I'm in love with these little stick figure comic strips at XKCD. They're amazing, they're smart, and oh so fantastic. I've found myself getting back into comic books for the first time since I was a little dorky kid. I'm not reading the X-Men et al anymore, I'm really enamored with these "indie" comics. Which is a term that I find myself feeling weird saying/writing. Anyway, I got into these indie comics when Amanda bought the whole run of the Optic Nerve series one day last year. Since then I've been really blown away by some graphic novels I've read, most notably, Fun Home (about a girl discovering she was a lesbian growing up in a funeral home with her dad who had a secret gay life) by Alison Bechdel, Black Hole (about a STD that mutates teens in 1970's Seattle) by Charles Burns and Persepolis (about being a young girl in Iran during the Islamic Revolution) by Marjane Satrapi. Has there always been this quality of material in underground comics? I'd always thought that it was like R. Crumb semi-porn ripoffs. I know about Harvey Pekar, but have never actually read any of his comics... (wait, no I read a small thing by him in The Best American Comics 2006).

In other news, my car is a piece of the devil's shit. It needs a new wheel bearing, and a new steering column. These aren't as immediately dire as they sound, the steering column is to fix my broken blinker switch, right now, I'm just sticking my hand inside the steering column if I wanna use my blinker switch. The wheel bearing, well, that's a little more immediate, but we're taking care of that this weekend. Then there was the 300+ spent on the disintegrated back brakes and everything that goes with that. I was thinking that maybe, maybe once all of these things are taken care of, I won't curse my car as much. I won't dread driving it places. I still want to get rid of it, though. I want to drive a car with better mileage, that's for sure.

I'm going to see Slint and Strange at Cat's Cradle tonight, look for pictures posted up tomorrow afternoon. If you're interested, you can see my pictures before I post them on the blog and all the ones I didn't post on the blog on my Picasa Web Album. (It's even more user friendly than Flikr and it's through Google instead of Yahoo, and I guess I just have loyalties.)

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