Wednesday, May 2, 2007

And I Reiterate Myself. Shouting Fire. In A Burning Theatre.

what i'm listening to right now: I've Got My Mind Set On You by George Harrison

I haven't posted anything political in a while. Not sure as to the exact reason, but I'm back at it again. This is an ad from John Edwards. I'm an Obama man still, but Edwards is no slouch. Plus, Obama kinda dropped the ball with that whole Myspace thing. If you haven't caught wind of this yet, this guy ran an Obama myspace page for two years. It was an unofficial site, and had gathered almost 160 thousand "friends". Getting that many supporters is huge. So, some people from the Obama campaign approach this guy about getting the rights to the myspace domain. He wanted like, $50,000. A paltry sum. Especially over two years. Getting 160 thousand supporters from say, a media consultant, making commercials, hosting expensive dinners, etc. That would run into the hundreds of thousands if not more. Well, Obama's people balked, and forced him out of the domain. Telling myspace that he was posing as Barack Obama, and that the real Barack Obama wanted his domain for himself. This is politics as old muscling in on the politics of the future. It's bad publicity, and something like this, if not resolved, could lose Obama the support of the netroots. Which, in turn, could cost him the nomination. Let's hope this gets straightened out, this guy gets compensated, or better yet, hired by the Obama campaign.

But where did I start out? Oh! The commercial. Really great stuff. Edwards has some really good people working for him. He's definitely a second choice for me, but not one that I'd be uncomfortable with at all. He smart, got his head on his shoulders, stands for something... Richardson wouldn't be that bad, either. He seems that he's a part of the Clinton political machine though. Not that I hate on Bill. I love Bill. Best president in my lifetime. Granted, that counts for all of four people, but, still, pretty damn good. NAFTA, I didn't like so much. Oh, but anyway, I was saying that Richardson seems to be a piece of the Clinton house. He was certainly a player in Clinton's administration. And I wouldn't be surprised if there were backroom things going on where if Hillary didn't get the nomination, Bill's hedging his other bets towards Richardson. I don't know. I'm not even sure where I'm going with this. So I'll stop. I just want the war to be over. That's the most important thing to me. I want the war to end.

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