Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sound Opinions

what i'm listening to right now: 86 second blowout by Yo La Tengo
Recently our local NPR afilliate picked up my favorite new radio show, Sound Opinons. It's the only rock criticism radio show, so naturally, I totally geek out and enjoy the hell out of it most of the time. The rest of the time, I scoff at some of their opinions, their strikingly mediocre "Mix Tapes of 2006" show. Fergie? Seriously? Nitpicking aside, the show is great, it's hosted by Jim Derogatis and Greg Kot. I'm not that familiar with Kot, but I've been reading DeRogatis' stuff for a while, like his excellent biography of Lester Bangs, Let It Blurt.

All of their shows are available for download, free, on iTunes. The handful of which I downloaded onto my ipod gave me a nice respite from the audiobook parade of the drive up to Michigan.

allright. I'm still pretty out of it, so I'm gonna end it here, with a great quote from Sound Opinion's Jim DeRogatis... "Since the British Invasion, America's had the last laugh" (in reference to the dearth of success that British bands have had in America, from The Smiths to the Arctic Monkeys).

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