Wednesday, May 2, 2007


what i'm listening to right now: Last Time Around by The Del-Vetts
Okay, last post for the day, I swear.

I recently signed up for Google Analytics. It allows me to see the traffic that my blog takes in. I'm very excited, because lately I've been getting some international readers. So international, that on my little map of where my visitors are coming from, there was one person from Dubai! Hello, person from Dubai, if you happen to revisit this blog, thank you, and I uhh extend an olive branch? I really think your government should work on reducing the amount of energy it uses. It's kinda over-the top. Indoor skiing? In the Persian Gulf? It's a little much. Anyway, The United Arab Emirates isn't the only foreign country checking out Beneath The Underdog. Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Italy, Australia, Great Britain, Sweden...

Ah, the interweb. It's allowing all these people to click on my page, and then hit the back button. Speaking the universal language, and saying "ehh, this wasn't what I was looking for".

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