Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Conservapedia Returns. Strikes Back. Go To White Castle.

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My good friends at Conservapedia continue to outdo themselves. You might remember last month I wrote about Conservapedia's fact/faith based article on Unicorns. Now, I've stumbled upon their article for George Washington and they lay this doozy on us...

Washington is perhaps the only person other than Jesus who declined enormous
worldly power, in Washington's case by first refusing to become a military
dictator or king and then by voluntarily stepping aside as the leader of a
prosperous nation. His precedent was voluntarily followed for 140 years.

Let me tell you, I've been declining enormous worldly power for at the most 23 years. It's amazing what these people will say. They go on to talk about how G. Wash was a Christian. Then continue to pound that nail into the wooden teeth for a couple more paragraphs. Now, let's look at the Wikipedia entry for ol' Washy... aside from being much longer, it sees fit to cover details of his life that are... interesting. And not in that wink wink interesting way, just interesting, like...

After retiring from the presidency in March 1797, Washington returned to Mount
Vernon with a profound sense of relief. He devoted much time to farming and, in
that year, constructed a 2,250 square foot (75-by-30 feet, 200 m²)
distillery, which was one of the largest in the new republic, housing five
copper stills, a boiler and 50 mash tubs, at the site of one of his unprofitable
farms. At its peak, two years later, the distillery produced 11,000 gallons of
corn and rye whiskey worth $7,500, and fruit brandy.[18][19]
George Washington's distillery is a part of the American Whiskey
That's interesting, but Conservapedia has an agenda, whereas, Wikipedia doesn't. Even though the people at Conservapdedia will tell you Wikipedia is a bastion of liberal censorship of conservative values. Wikipedia's educational, Conservapedia's a propoghanda tool. They're not taking into mind that Wikipedia is used by the entire world, and the American conservative movement is a tiny blip to the rest of the world. What douchebags. I'm done ranting about them... for now.

damn, this makes two posts that I used something I found on The Hater, who pointed out the George Washington article.

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