Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"My Pet Goat"

what i'm listening to right now: gold lion by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yesterday I was listening to NPR in the shower and heard a story about Mrs. World. In a contest that seems vaguely Republican to me, married women do the whole beauty contest thing. This year's contest was held in Chechnya. You might know it for it's wars, terrorism, and being oppressed by Russia. There's something just so hilarious about a horde of beautiful women descending upon a war torn country side for a contest like this. What makes it more hilarious is that the president of the country actually offered one of the contestants, Mrs. Kenya, a goat and some chickens to lure her away from her husband.

This most definitely the first entrant into my "Best Stories Of 2007". I'll compile all of them at the end of the year. It's certainly not the best written story, just the best story story. I think someone should make a movie about this, ala Drop Dead Gorgeous. Which, by the way, is a totally underrated, very funny movie.

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