Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Night Of The Furies

this is an outline for a review I'm attempting to write for the
Hatchet. I'm going to write and edit as the week progresses, as it stands
it's nowhere near what I want it to be. there's plenty of thoughts trailing
off and little notes to myself. feel free to comment on it, give me your
feedback etc.
Things happen and change the way you view a song or a band. Your friends change, and maybe you can't hang with them anymore. That friend who got all patriotic and started voting Republican. Steve who started doing more drugs than you were doing, and you know, opium dens were never really your scene. Maybe that's what's happening with The Rosebuds now. At least with me. The Rosebuds are in that opium den of layered 80's new wave. I never really got into Depeche Mode. And that's who The Rosebuds are reminding me of on their new album, Night Of The Furies.

Now, I can't say that I dislike this album. Ivan Howard's voice is as amazing as it always has been. It seems to have moved out of the forefront this time, though. Being surrounded by the synthesizers and bass that seem to overtake their once spare arrangements.

I've always imagined The Rosebuds as a modern day Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers. Ivan's simple, optimistic songs about growing up, being in love, going out at night, umm The Lost Colony...

(this album could be like those new wave songs that Tom Petty did, like "don't come around here" and what was that one with the arcade games in the desert?)

in the end I think this album is where the future of the Rosebuds will be decided. go forward with this new wave thing, or continue to experiment. will they regress to the power pop of Make Out? will they try different instruments in their arrangements? will they go country? will they turn the band into an Arcade Fire-like symphony? they'll probably just go ahead with the new wave thing. maybe they'll fine tune it. I'm just not sold on this album. I've had the promo copy for about a month now, and just can't figure out how to like it as much as Make Out Or Birds Make Good Neighbors. and maybe that's just it. I don't like it as much as their previous work, it's good, they're just that friend that turned out to be a opium smoking republican.

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