Saturday, March 10, 2007

We Travel The Spaceways With Yoshi

what i'm listening to right now: Pink Turns To Blue by Hüsker Dü

Late last night, Esteban and I faced off with eachother on some old school Nintendo action. The skill with which we approached this situation was minimal at best due to all the Canadian whisky and American lite beer. We started gamely enough with quite possibly the greatest video game ever, Yoshi. Amanda and I recently bought a top loading Nintendo, which plays about 90% of all the games I had from when I was a kid. The top loading Nintendo came out after the release of the Super Nintendo, for whatever reason, and it vanished shortly thereafter. So the ones you find are not usually played to death and all dusty/nasty like the one that was in my attic for years.

I woke up godawfully early this morning so I could take Amanda to work. Her cousin, Joe is coming in to town from Columbia, SC to play a rugby game. Later they'll be partying- rugby style, which is when I'll catch up with them after work. Speaking of sports, I'm crestfallen that Duke lost in the first round of the ACC tournament. I saw it coming, but was hoping for some miracle. Maybe that Greg Paulus touched the hem of His garment, or drank the water that was not from the well, maybe even heard an mp3 of the sermon on the mount. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, and this will continue to be one of the worst years ever for Duke fans. I just noticed the dirt on the video game cartridge pictured. That looks kinda nasty.

esteban! esteban! esteban!

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