Friday, March 9, 2007

Kings' Last (Great) Show

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this is an image from montonix's myspace page, i'll have pictures from the concert that I took up in the next couple of days.
Two nights ago, I went to the what was the last great show that King's will ever have in it's hallowed, greasy hall(s). A triple bill of Un Deu Troix, Montonix, and town heroes, The Rosebuds. Un Deu Troix were pretty good. Passable female led indie rock with good basslines. Nothing to prepare any of us for the ensuing chaos.

Monotonix were crazed. Coming all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel, they literally set the place on fire. Flames shooting off of the cymbals and a flaming ring of toilet paper on the floor set us up for an act that I would not have wanted to follow. Monotonix's lead singer, Ami Shalev was a cross between Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman, not the cartoon, and with more stubble, and glassy, drunken eyes) and Iggy Pop. At one point, he set even himself on fire. The band played on the floor instead of on the stage, from here, Shalev ventured out into the crowd, singing from the booths at the back of the club, and deep within the crowd. Shalev climbed into the rafters, and forced the typically armcrossed indie kids into holding hands and dancing ring around the rosey style. For the last song, Shalev broke down the drum kit piece by piece, giving a cymbals, kick drums and hi-hats to various members of the crowd, leaving the drummer with just his tom-tom. Then he took that and the drummer chased after it.

I really didn't think that there was anyway that The Rosebuds could have matched this set. Especially considering that the last couple of times I've seen them, they've been lacking in the energy that they've been known for. A mix of low expectations, and how absolutely great they were made this one of the best concerts I've been to in years. They've finally become accustomed to their new material and played with abandon. Towards the end of the show, they brought us all up onto the stage to sing and dance along with crowd favorite, "Drunkard's Worst Nightmare". During a rare performance of "The El Camino" Ivan inserted lyrics from Tom Petty's "Walls" into the end of the song. I'm still not sold on their new album, and that could change. But the direction they're heading in on the stage now points to a much more exciting fourth album.

Speaking of albums by local bands that i'm not sold on: The Annuals. So far it's done nothing for me. What's the big deal. And I think they maybe played two shows in town, if that before they got the big internet fellatio. Maybe i'm just drinking the haterade instead of the Kool-Aid on this band.

I'm gonna miss Kings. It was (is until the 7th of next month) the only venue of note in Raleigh. It's been nice being able to see quality shows without having to drive back from Carborro at the end of the night. Hopefully it finds a new space and doesn't have to change itself to much to fit into a new spot. It's character has invited wide and varying shows, everything from a rare Shellac show, Renelvis, and Th' Legendary Shack Shakers. It served as the homebase to at least two of the best bands this area's had since Superchunk, The Rosebuds and Cherry Valence put on some of the best shows ever there. They've hosted wrestling, talk shows, and the jewel in their crown, The Great Cover Up. I've had bottles tossed at me by a fake Hasil Adkins, I almost moshed to a fake Minor Threat, and I gained respect for a fake Eddie Money. I'll miss you, Kings.

I'll go to the final show on the 7th. Birds Of Avalon and Black Taj (and special guests). It should be great, but the hangover from the show two nights ago will probably make that night fuzzy in comparison.

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