Thursday, February 22, 2007

Going To The Ocean

Saturday I'll be heading to Holden Beach for a couple of days. It'll be in celebration of our anniversary that was on Wednesday. As I try to do before every trip I take to the beach, I made a mix CD for the trip. This is the track list, it's still tentative, I might change it before we leave...

1. We Dance- Pavement
2.Magazine Called Sunset- Wilco
3. Sweet Adeline-Elliot Smith
4. For No One- The Beatles
5. Nice Dream- Radiohead
6. American Girl- Tom Petty
7. Heart Of Stone- Rolling Stones
8. Emma, Get Me A Lemon- the Walkmen
9. Maybe I'm Amazed- Paul McCartney
10. 16 Military Wives- The Decemberists
11. Let's Go Crazy- Prince
12. Here Comes Your Man- Pixies (the transition between let's go crazy and this is perfect!)
13. Satan Said Dance- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
14. The Crystal Lake- Grandaddy
15. Postcards From Italy- Beirut
16. Your Southern Can Is Mine- White Stripes
17. Heart Of Saturday Night- Johnathon Richman (Tom Waits cover)
18. Timorous Me- Ted Leo
19. Hurry Up, Let's Go- Shout Out Louds
20. Good Times, Bad Times- Led Zeppelin

I like it. It's not so obscure, digging in the vaults as I usually go. But it's fun. It's meant to be fun for a nice, relaxing trip to the beach. And outside of the Beach Boys, I don't think there's someone I connect more with fun at the ocean than Tom Petty. Not for any certain reason. Not that he sings about the beach. But he's probably the greatest (mainstream) American rock musician of the past twenty to thirty years. His only competition (in the mainstream American category) would be REM and Bob Dylan. Bob's been faltering since twenty to thirty years ago, and REM has been faltering since the mid nineties. Of course, outside of the mainstream, plenty of American artists who are better. The British have a lock on that mainstream rock thing.

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