Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yo Le Convoco

what i'm listening to right now: I Summon You by Spoon

Not much to report on this evening. Busy day of walking/working/walking/working/walking. A few random thoughts have popped into my head. Like... Dead Meadow are sounding more and more like Spacemen 3. I'm not entirely enamored with the new Rosebuds album (we have a promo copy). I'm getting more and more into photography as the days pass. Tomorrow night, I'm making a tofu version of saag paneer. I'm really enamored with the new Bill Callahan album. It's fantastic, at times jaunty and featuring the best disco song the Rolling Stones never made with Lou Reed. I've been watching the first season of Pete & Pete on DVD, it has lost none of it's magic in the convening years. I think T. Rex is entirely overrated, not bad, just overrated. I miss my friend, Ruben. He moved to California, and I haven't seen or heard from him in a year. I'd love to have a camera like the ones that took photos of Abraham Lincoln. I think I might end up living in the midwest in the next couple of years. I'm taking my stereo and my record player into the shop tomorrow. I've got a boom box that plays in mono, and that's gonna be it. Outside of the computer's speakers for a couple of weeks probably. I'm upset. Probably why I can't form a coherent post tonight.

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