Monday, February 5, 2007


what i'm listening to right now: "Bring It On Home To Me (live)" by Sam Cooke
Pretty good game, not the best in memory, but definitely a good one. Especially good since I watched it with a room full of Colts fans.
The true highlight of the night, though, was Prince!
That shit was transcendent! Dude had a marching band!
He turned that Foo Fighters song, "The Best" into a scorching soul-rock song, effectively squashing all of Dave Grohl's earnestness and overwrought emoting. Then, he played "Purple Rain"! That was the one song that I really, really wanted to hear. And he killed it, in the rain too, I thought he'd get all pissed about it fucking up his hair and whatnot.

I can't write about Prince, or any musician that I'm that obsessed about, I sound like a sycophant. Anyway, I'm leaving for the first night of Yo La Tengo soon, more about that later.

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