Tuesday, February 13, 2007


what i'm listening to right now: Get It by RJD2

(just a few random post ideas that couldn't get fleshed out into a single post)

It's hard to get me to post things during my weekend, which is Sunday/Monday. We usually just try to cram everything that we didn't do during the week into 48 hours. My best friend, Brian, Amanda, and I went to the Jackpot to play pool last night. I got some really good pictures while they shot pool. I am in love with my camera. There's something up with it, though, and I'm having difficulty uploading my pictures to my computer... So, at the Jackpot, Bart, the manager/publisher of the Hatchet, told me that he's been getting hits on their site from my blog. So that means that there are actually people reading my blog! That's incredibly exciting! People, reading my blog. Thank you, everybody. After the drinking/shooting pool/pictures, we went back home and Amanda and I worked on another mixtape. Which reminds me that I've got to work on finishing my super-long post about mixtapes.

I'm pretty excited about Valentine's Day. I got Amanda a... well, she reads this blog, so I probably shouldn't say what it is. Valentine's Day isn't that big of thing for us, though. Next week is our anniversary. Two years. We'll be heading down to her parent's beach house for that weekend. The weather probably won't be too nice, but it's a fairly signifigant place to us. This time last year, we were running off down there just to have a place to stay together. She was at her parent's after leaving her boyfriend, and I was still living at my parent's, at the time looking for my own place. The beach, and the Comfort Inn across from North Hills was where we'd stay whenever we got the chance.

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darling face that wasn't last year that was two years ago