Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Yo La Tengo/Rosebuds (Night Two)

what I'm listening to right now: Seven Seas Of Rhye by Queen

Two nights of thunder. We got a little closer to the stage this night, and suffered with longer bouts of ear ringing. Yo La Tengo's set was fairly close to the night before, a little more eclectic, a little more switching around instruments and such. I was kinda disappointed to not see any of the Rosebuds join in a song with Yo La Tengo, like Mac from Portastatic did the night before.

Speaking of the Rosebuds, they were excellent, I'm not that much of a fan of their current drummer, a little heavy handed. Whatshisname who looks like he should be in the Strokes, who's probably been their best drummer was on bass tonight. The new songs were really good, though, and a lot more of Kelly singing.

I'll have more pictures tomorrow or later tonight, that's all I've managed to get downloaded and cleaned up so far. Oh, a few corrections to yesterday's post. That "fifties song" that I mentioned was actually "Watch Out For Me, Ronnie" from I'm Not Afraid Of You And I'll Beat Your Ass. Not sure how I missed that. AND what I mistakenly called "Swing For Life" was "The Story Of Yo La Tango", similar melodies.

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