Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Moses vs. Jesus

what I'm listening to: On Fire by Sebadoh
I just got back in contact with my long-time friend, Matt Sigmon. He's a fantastic sculptor, and his site is now in my link bar. I've known Matt since sixth grade. Apparently we were in the same first grade class, but I don't remember anybody from first grade. I went to a school different from my kindergarten (in Ohio) and the rest of my elementary days (Brentwood Elementary). Anyway, there have been intermittent periods of not seeing or hearing from each other over the past couple of years, we went to different high schools, he went to college, is getting his masters in Atlanta, and I chose the waiting tables route. Anyway, it's always exciting to hear from Matt. He did tell me he likes the Ying Yang Twins now. And yes, Matt, that is something to be ashamed of, unless you're into that whole extreme misogyny thing.

This video is for you, Matt.

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