Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Majority-- Shouting Fire In A Burning Theatre

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(this is a post from my Myspace blog, it's political and very, very angry)

63% of the country wants us out of Iraq, this year. A staggering majority of this nation is anti-war. So anti-war that they want us out of the war, essentially, now. Like, start packing. Like, shouting fire in a burning theatre.
Yet, everytime I open a newspaper, or watch CNN/MSNBC/Fox "News", there is no one speaking for the public's point of view. Are the pundits/reporters so out of touch with the general public? Despite the coverage of the war from the mainstream media, a crushing majority of the country wants out of the war now. They want to end it in 10 months. 10 months. So, a woman who just found out she's pregnant, and she answers a poll, and wants her baby to be born into a world without the war in Iraq.
63%, that's not 100%, Jeff. I know, but according to Bush's math, 51% is a stupendous victory with a mandate. So, this should be where it ends. Instead, Bush is moving two aircraft carrier formations into the Persian Gulf. Not to crush the Iraqi insurgent's airforce, but to provoke conflict with Iran. U.S. trained and commanded Iraqi special forces are kidnapping Iranian diplomats. Can we do a recall on Bush? Good God, he can't be allowed to continue his orgy of death and destruction. Write your representatives and Senators TODAY. Tell them you're part of the majority, and you want your country, that you love, out of this war by the time that shiny ball drops in Times Square.
post script:
Of course, Barack Obama wrote the bill that's in Congress right now that would take the war away from the President, and end it within the year. Another reason why I'm voting for this man.

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