Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Story Of Yo La Tango (Starring Amanda & Jeff)

what i'm listening to: The Race Is On Again by Yo La Tengo

(this is a post from my myspace blog, which I don't regard as much as this one, but I thought it was good enough to transfer to the big boy.)

The past two nights were spent in Carrboro, rocking out to my absolute favorite alive/together band, Yo La Tengo. They did two nights at the Cat's Cradle, and it was amazing.
Listening to them always make me think of when I bought my first Yo La Tengo CD. I was with Amanda before we'd gotten together. I'd been a fan of theirs for a long time, but hadn't bought any of their CDs, and Amanda and I went out record shopping and hanging out before we were in our relationship, but while we were totally crushing on each other. That night, after buying some CDs at Schoolkids, we went down the street to Cup-A-Joe, where a mentally ill girl came up to us and started an uninvited conversation. She pointed to my copy of the Independent, which I was furiously staring into trying to avoid her. She told us she didn't like that paper, because it was pro-abortion. She then went on a rather creepy/long rant about how abortion was the new holocaust. We left shortly after that and listened to Fakebook in the car on the way to Lizzy's for much deserved beer(s). Lizzy's no longer Lizzy's anymore, and we're no longer totally crushing on each other, we're totally in l-o-v-e. Anytime I hear Fakebook now, I remember how much I wanted to steal Amanda away from her boyfriend and run away to Mexico with her. Well, maybe not Mexico, I doubt we would have made it that far. Maybe Lexington, Kentucky?

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